Detailed Research and Analysis of Your Online Standing and Activities.

Helping you understand your marketing situation.

Every successful marketing campaign starts with an analysis of your current situation. You canít plan ahead if you donít have a clear understanding of where you're standing and where your customers and, of course, competitors are.

We'll help you do that by sharing our knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

Goals and Objectives Analysis

  • Identifying the goals and objectives of your web site (and online campaign);
  • Identifying your target audience;
  • Determining their needs and expectations.

Strategy Evaluation

  • Evaluating your online activities;
  • Identifying how your offline efforts are supporting your online activity;
  • Discovering opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

  • Analyzing competitorsí web sites to examine their stature;
  • Comparing your position with that of your key competitors;
  • Identifying your strengths and key selling points.

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