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Client: Big Chair NY

Industry: Advertising & Marketing


Client Information:

Big Chair is a reputable advertising and video production company located  on the 5th Ave. in New York. The company, headed by an award winning director Rob Cohn, has an extensive list on clients that include such household names as Coca Cola, Sports Illustrated, HBO, Fortune, NYSE, Time Magazine, The Boston Beer Company, and Smirnoff Vodka. Chances are you have seen their work many times on TV...


Project Overview:

Big Chair needed to to redefine its image on the Internet by re-developing and upgrading their web site. The focal point was to showcase the company's work for potential clients and partners and to make the web site a useful tool in company's marketing efforts.

Build online brand awareness

Showcase company's work

Educate potential customers

Enhance E-marketing Efforts

Increase conversions

Generate more leads


  1. Based on the client's requirements SBGC, Inc. has created a simple yet eye-catching design that attracts visitors attention and focuses it on the content of the website.
  2. A new color scheme was introduced to differentiate between various sections.
  3. Using the Flash technology SBGC, Inc. has created a whole set of interactive features for a compelling user experience.

Project Specifications: click here»