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Client: Royal Health Care

Industry: Health Care


Client Information:

Royal Health Care is a management services organization (MSO) serving the healthcare industry. Royal is a leading provider of health plan services such as customer service, claims processing, clinical services, premium billing, and enrollment processing. The company serves health plans of all sizes including start-ups and large national HMOs.


Project Overview:

Royal Health Care needed to redesign and upgrade its web site to create a whole new image of the company. The main objective was to improve both the information depth and the visual design to make it more attractive and easy to use.


Build online brand awareness

Enhance user experience

Improve site navigation 

Enhance E-marketing Efforts

Increase conversions

Generate more leads


  1. To reflect the company's slogan "Make your move!" the web site design features  the chess - related theme with chess boards pieces serving as navigation buttons.
  2. A new color scheme introduced to differentiate between various sections.
  3. A Flash Intro was developed to communicate to visitors company's strengths and advantages  and create the right first impression to prospective customers.

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