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Case Studies

Client: Today®Sponge

Industry: Health & Beauty


Client Information:

The Today®Sponge, once the most popular over-the-counter female contraceptive, which was memorialized in an episode of the "Seinfeld" sitcom, has won re-approval for marketing from the Food and Drug Administration.


Project Overview:

Allendale Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (the company that distributes The Today®Sponge,) needed a new web site for the product, which the company was planning to market domestically as well as internationally. The company wanted to develop several web sites designed specifically for each market.



SBGC, Inc worked closely with the client to develop the unique look and feel of the site that would help the company enhance its marketing efforts and educate public about its productís benefits. Along with todaysponge.com- a web site for the US audience SBGC, Inc. has created several web sites with multilingual content for customers in Canada, Russia, UK and The European Union.


Developed Websites:








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