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Client: The Radiological Society of North America

Industry: Health Care


Client Information:

The mission of the Radiological Society of North America is to promote and develop the highest standards of radiology and related sciences through education and research. The Society seeks to provide radiologists and allied health scientists with educational programs and materials of the highest quality, and to constantly improve the content and value of these educational activities.


Project Overview:

RSNA wanted to develop a new online educational system for medical students that would allow them to register and login in, create their profiles, take online courses and tests, view their results, and print out certificates.


Create an attractive web site design

Design a user friendly interface

Allow users to take online courses

Allow users to take online tests

Allow users to view their results

Develop a backoffice system


  1. SBGC, Inc, has created a custom web site design with a strong theme that utilizes  appropriate images and has an embedded Flash animation. 
  2. Worked to architect a solution that would allow a centralized management of the system with the ability for the administrators to upload new information, manage registered users, add new courses, etc.
  3. Developed all necessary applications to make the system work.

Project Specifications: click here»