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Client: Mountain Thunder Coffee

Industry: E-Commerce


Client Information:

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantation is the largest organic coffee farm in the United States. 

You probably might have heard this name as the company was recently featured on one of the shows on the Discovery channel.


Project Overview:

Mountain Thunder Coffee has set a goal to reach new customers in other states as well as around the world by establishing a professionally designed and built web site with E-commerce features.  Unfortunately, their previous attempts at reaching this goal have failed because of luck of creative ability and technical expertise. Upon reviewing several candidates they have chosen SBGC, Inc. to realize their vision on the Internet.


Create an attractive web site design

Establish strong online presence

Develop E-commerce applications

Optimize the website for SE

Enhance online marketing efforts

Generate more sales



SBGC.Inc. has decided not to try to improve the existing design but to take a completely different approach. Our team of designers has created a new concept that strongly reflects company's identity and emphasizes the highest quality of its products. Our team of developers then developed a fully functional online store with a database and all necessary applications.


Project Specifications: click here»