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Client: Baker Brothers Creative, Inc.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing


Client Information:

Baker Brothers is a production design company that creates environments for television, corporate & special events, retail, exhibits, concerts, theatricals & more. 


Project Overview:

Baker Brothers wanted to establish its identity on the Internet that could project their image as a highly talented and creative company. After considering several web design firms they have chosen SBGC, Inc. to design and develop their web site.


Create a unique design

Create a lasting impression

Engage web site visitors

Showcase company's work

Enhance online marketing Efforts

Generate more leads


  1. SBGC, Inc. team of designers has created a conceptual web site design that was modified based on the client's suggestions.   
  2. The Flash technology has been chosen to develop the web site in order to provide visitors with interactive features that would allow them to explore the company's work in an attractive and user friendly environment.
  3. SBGC, Inc, has also created an extranet for the web site to allow clients login and monitor the progress of their projects.

Project Specifications: click here»