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Client: Baker Brothers Creative

Project Specifications:

  • Web Site Design & Layout;
  • Flash Development;

  • Custom Action Script Coding;

  • Image Optimization;

  • Multimedia Development;

  • Database Development;

  • Custom Web Application Development;

  • Web Site Optimization.


Baker Brothers Creative is a Los Angeles based company specializing in creative production, set, and scenic design, art direction, scenography, theatre and  broadcast design. The company's services include creating designs for television and branded  environments, organizing corporate events and product launches, as well as exhibits, concerts, and special events.

The company wanted to present a unique and creative visual design to highlight its artistic capabilities, talent, and expertise.

A word from the client:

"Beautiful - Love it - Perfect! I think it's looking fantastic. You have a great sensibility for placement of the images, the animation & the way the lines breathe... - it's perfect. This is really exciting!  Overall, I'm really happy  about the work you've done. "

Thomas Baker
Baker Brothers Creative